2016-2017 Season


The Robot


In the 2016-2017 competition, points could be scored by doing one of four things: shooting balls into a furnace, pushing balls into a furnace, loading gears, and climbing. Gears and climbing were worth the most points; therefore, The Stampede made the strategic decision to perfect the gear and climbing aspects of the robot, rather than commit precious time to create an imperfect "shooter." The 3630 Robot proved to a powerful force and was one of the strongest "gear" robots in the competition, landing The Stampede a spot in the second round.



After two long days at Regionals with some minor setbacks, The Stampede was able to secure a position on an alliance for the second round. With their team of three, The Stampede was able to score the highest total score in the competition, twice! The Stampede's alliance was able to advance to the Semi-finals, but was unable to make it to finals.

"This was the farthest our team has ever made it in Regionals. Disappointed? No. Elated? Yes." -Isabella Jennings, Senior Captain


Team members and their families: go to the Team Portal and click on "Archive" to access more photos from the 2016-2017 season.

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The Team

Coaches: Mr. Ben Lampe, Mr. David Senner

Mentors: Mr. Eric Jennings, Mr. Eric Fox, Sam Vargheese, Luis Guzman

Isabella Jennings - Senior Captain, Head of Drive Train + Electronics

Sam Aronson - Captain, Lead Programmer

Siyuan Ma - Captain, Lead Manipulator

Alex Cheng - Web Master, Head of Marketing

Aaron Bae - Director of Media

Alex Anderson

Andrew Cheng

Cameron Clark

James Clinton

David Mah

Max Pellant

Nathan Tank

Liam Walsh




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