Orientation Day!

Although September 15th has come and gone, the connections made and lessons learned at the Breck Stampede Orientation day continue even today. A lengthy 5-hour meeting was held on the third floor of Breck School during which Head Coach Ben Lampe called together anyone and everyone who was interested in participating in Breck Robotics. Here, captains and sub-team leads were announced, rookies learned the ropes, a meal was shared, and everyone practiced safety. It was a fun day for all that were involved, an accurate precursor to the meetings that followed as the weeks went on. The team recapped last year, as well as reviewed the overall structure of the FIRST Robotics Program in hopes of clearing the fog for the young rookies. Each of the sub-teams gave a mini-presentation about the different facets and responsibilities of their team as the season unfolds in hopes of recruiting some of the newbies. The meeting was a great way for students, especially the newcomers, to get acquainted with the well-furnished lab, the incredible mentors, and the passionate culture of Breck Robotics Stampede. The five hours seemed to go quickly as waves of laughter and dollops of conversations filled the time and left everyone eager with anticipation for the approaching season.

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