Bag Day!

“We’ve got a blown fuse!” Andy hollers as Mr. Lampe frantically searches for a spare. “Where’s the tag?” Mr. Jennings calls from inside the storage room, “Under Abby’s foot!” Sam replies back. The seconds tick by with fierce tension as voices raise and patience shrinks. The clock reads 10:58:46 and the dozen people crazy enough to still be at Breck are scrambling around the Robotics Lab trying desperately to open the gigantuan plastic bag large enough to fit the 124 lb creation they have spent the last six weeks, 158 hours, 12 rolls of duct tape, 234 rivets, and 76 bags of pretzels working on. Mr. Walker walks onto the scene at 10:59 and informs the group that “they don’t look too ready,”. Welcome to robotics, we’re never quite ready but we do our best. However, the group got organized enough to, as gracefully as one can, maneuver the pride and joy of Stampede 3630 into the bag and seal it up at 11:02:12. The pen flourished across the judge’s paper, and with that Bag Day was officially over. However, it wasn’t until 11:30 that the last eight remaining, spent team members finally tracked out to their snow-laden cars after a weary-eyed goodbye. If you find yourself pursuing a curiosity as to the exact events that took place as Bag Day drew to a close, then feel free to watch the attached, unedited, film of the final moments.

Watch the final minutes of Stampede 3630 finishing up their robot!

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