3...2...1...Kick Off!!

Three Saturdays ago, on January 6th, the world of robotics joined together to watch the unveiling of this year's challenge: Deep Space. The upper school lunchroom was bustling with excitement as the launch got underway. Lift-Off came at 9:50 am sharp, and we were ready. The video played, and the crowds' imagination flew as high as the rockets. After much applause and the occasional *gasp* of excitement, Breck was ready to start brainstorming, and the creative juices were flowing. As the crowd separated into sub-team groups, and Mr. Lampe talked to the parents, smiles and ideas grew, notes were taken, and prototypes were drawn. The buzz of excitement was contagious, and soon everyone was contributing, exploring the manual and talking through dimensions. Below is a video containing the audio of the official animation video as well as videos and images from the day. The group ate and strategized together; students, parents, and mentors alike. As the clock struck 3, the crowd started trickling out and the cleanup process began. The season was officially underway, and the Stampede 3630 was ready to enter Deep Space.

Watch Stampede 3630’s 2019 Deep Space Kickoff Video!

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